Simple, Powerful and Accurate

Designer and Manufacturer of Paperless Recorders (recorder charts), Flow Computer, Universal Indicators and Transmitters

Designing and manufacturing of precision instruments, Paperless Recorders, Flow Computer, Transmitter and indicators



It is much more economical to design and manufacture products compared to foreign samples

A class Accurecy

All of our instrumentation hardwares are designed and capable of A class accuracy

One-year warranty

We provide one-year unexceptional warranty for all of our products

Two years after sales servises

All of our Hardwares and Softwares have come with two years of After sales servises

Inclusive Software

All of our Products come with a unique software which we produced

Unique in the market

our products are unique in the market, they are first class in the quality and precision preciseness

Management and marketing team

Somaie Khademolhosseini


Taiebe Almasi


Meet Our Clients

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